Think you can't afford acupuncture?
You've heard acupuncture can offer relief for your pain, improve your fertility, get rid of your headaches.  You just don't think you can find the money right now to pay for it.
​                                        Think again.
CCA provides acupuncture at a sliding scale of $15-35 per treatment (first visit $25-45), no income verification, no questions asked.  You decide what you can afford to pay.  Our goal?  Because treatment is not expensive, you can come as often as you need until you are feeling well and ready to get back to living your life.  We provide the same high-quality and effective treatment you expect from every acupuncture clinic.  

We are a member of the national organization People's Organization of Community Acupuncture  ( and as such you will find some particular characteristics of our clinic.  Our low cost is one; another is our community-style treatment room, nicknamed "The Big Room".  In the Big Room you will find comfortable recliners, soft music and white noise, calm lighting and the opportunity to rest for as long as you like. Any time you feel you need it, you will have plenty of time to talk to your acupuncturist privately about your medical condition.  

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 Last day in Concord 09/23/16

****** To our longtime patients, friends, and patient-friends we haven't met yet:

                   CCA is moving!
Beginning September 25, we will join with Manchester Acupuncture Studio on Canal Street in Manchester. All CCA patients are welcome at MAS! You'll love the super flexible schedule, the many friendly acupuncturists, and the easy to find location!  To book an appointment at Manchester Acupuncture Studio, call 669-0808.

SO EXCITED!!  CCA named best acupuncture in the state 2014 by New Hampshire Magazine!